Your confidentiality is very important to me.   I will not disclose your identity nor the fact that you have contacted me regarding counseling to anyone.  There are a few potential situations in which I am legally obligated to break confidentiality, such as when you pose a high risk of serious danger to yourself or others.  We will discuss these exceptions in more detail during your first counseling session.

To protect your confidentiality, I use an encrypted email service called hushmail. The security is maintained by a question and answer that you and I will determine in our first contact. I prefer that you reply to my emails within hushmail to guarantee that your email will not be scanned by an unknown third party, thus compromising your confidentiality.  Email sent to me through my contact page is also encrypted and secure. If you send me an email from your normal email account, you are choosing a less secure form of communication that could be viewed by a third party. If you want to get your own encrypted email account, they are available for free at and through other vendors.

As for the confidentiality of other forms of communication, phone, regular mail, skype chat and video chat are secure.  However, documents and attachments sent via skype chat are not secure.  I will not send nor receive documents via skype chat for this reason.  I will only send and receive documents using encrypted email.

I am happy to discuss any security concerns that you may have regarding these issues.