Free Teleseminars

I offer a free teleseminar about twice a year.  Each conference call focuses on a specific theme and includes instruction, group discussion, questions and answers, and suggestions for further practice.  Teleseminars are a great opportunity to learn useful practices for well-being…for free!

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If you would like to suggest or request a certain theme, please email me.  I want to know what interests you!

Upcoming Teleseminar:

The date is yet to be determined. I will send an email to my mailing list when I find the right time.

Take Time to Relax

This teleseminar will offer techniques of how to practice relaxation on a daily basis.  I will lead us through some relaxation practices and there will be time for questions and discussion. This will be relaxing and educational, what a treat! Please check out the call material on the blog page of this site.

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Teleseminars offer a great way to get a taste of my counseling style…for free!

Examples of teleseminar themes:

  • Improve your communication with a better listening attitude
  • Everyday mindfulness practice
  • Stress Less About Money
  • Introduction to Nonviolent Communication
  • How to improve relationships with healthy boundaries & requests
  • Strategies for less stress
  • Learning how to relax